Baby I can be your motivation













As I look at these images wondering why they are motivational, I’m realizing how giddy the colors make me. Forget about dull training attire, why not make it fun and easy on the eyes. As for the food pictures – well what can I say, I’m a foodie in all aspects of life. And if concentrating on the training itself (if we must), that sore feeling of jelly legs after a run definitely contributes to the overall sense of happiness. And I so never thought I would say something as cheesy as that. But there you have it. In print even.

(Please do not mistake this post for a health freak moral talk, I find that rather lecturing myself. This is more of a personal motivational speak as I strive for the 5K run! )

Father of 4

This has gone viral and you’ve probably already seen it. However, I found it necessary to share just in case you missed out. David Beckham for H&M spring 2013, a short film directed by Guy Ritchie. That’s about all the introduction needed – but let me just add this. Imagine this man to be the father of your 4 children.

(Thanks to L. for bringing my attention to this urgent matter)

Glide on outta here




Photo 07-02-13 18.29.07

Anyone with just a little sense would argue that ordering a pair of shoes over is down right foolish, considering: 1) you have never tried them on, 2) they are half a size too small, and 3) are meant for running.
However that is exactly what I did and what do you know – these Nike Lunarglide’s fit my feet like, well, foot in shoe. The perfect absorption and flexibility when you tend to over-pronate like myself, the perfect fit, and with the deep black mesh covering and neon detail, even the perfect look. Reaching my goal of a 5K run seems all the more attainable now (hardly a marathon, I know, but small steps).

Love is love

Photo 03-02-13 19.37.36Check out the Cartier LOVE ring look-a-like my sis got me from Harlem, New York. I realize I just posted about innovating instead of imitating and for said reason I usually don’t go for replicas. But in this case I figured an exception was due – a 10-dollar LOVE ring will do just fine until I can afford (or until someone gifts me..:) the real deal. Love is love, right?