In the city of s**

100207_sex03_400X40021_sjpoutfits_lgsarah_jessica_parker_in_sex_and_the_city-_the_movie_wallpaper_11_1024sex-and-the-city-2-sept8-01tumblr_l5bj5iq5Vi1qc1aoySex_and_the_City_2_1023851a4-Big-Bun_article_horizontal052808sexcity1SamanthaJones sex-and-the-city-movie2 Carrie-Bradshaw-satc-movie2_0 sex_and_the_city_the_movie_full__2 sex_and_the_city_movie134 raspberry-heels-malinowe-obcasy-sarah-jessica-parker-carrie-bradshaw-sex-and-the-city-quotes-31 bodacarriebigI know. I couldn’t have presented you with a more cliché post even if I tried. Hard. But I must admit – SATC will always be a limitless fountain of outfit inspiration, even to a classic/boring black-and-white-and-nude prude like myself. I recently revisited with the two movies, just to sit through 2 hours straight of bright outfits and accessories and hairstyles and shoes. See the main thread is timeless – brave, bold, adventurous personalities personify much better through color and vibrance than through 50 shades of black.
At least that’s what I’m feeling for now. So I’ll give it a go. The Carrie Way.
(PS I also watch for New York. Always always NYC <3 )