Crunch crunch crunch

I apologize for my absence dear birdies. Exam crunching for my MD degree has gotten the best of me. You can scoot on over to my Instagram profile for more regular updates should you wish to – sabrinakhanmd

Please stay

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2012 Miss Universe Pageant






tumblr_lrdvtwyDgH1qeogk0o1_500It’s been a while. Life does that – takes your time unless you put down the brakes.
Today is the first day of subtle warmth in the capital, praise the lord. Please stay! I can’t bear my winter boots and coat any longer.
The African queen in the yellow dress has me completely mezmerised. What an unbelievably radiant beauty.

All aboard the CL train

5f7cfaa50bf339f8da6b468b18c6aaa6Next stop – pink Pigalle’s. It’s a vividly sunny Sunday in Copenhagen, and even though I’m barred inside due to exam crunching (it’s a never-ending story I know), I plan on soaking up vitamin D via osmosis through the windows! And sunshine inevitably makes me think of spring which inevitably makes me think of cute spring outfits, which then inevitably makes me think of the joy of dusting off those Louboutin boxes for another season of pure pedi bliss.

(Don’t mind the overly chipper mood – that’s just what sunny Sundays do to me)


Photo 08-03-13 18.13.11- Wearing my new Nike Free sneaks to London. My mom is a sneaker girl too -

Photo 08-03-13 18.13.56- Sushi at Wasabi’s in London is a must try. Sushi as fast food – hello addiction. And why are we missing that sort of concept in Copenhagen? -

Photo 08-03-13 19.49.41- Heathrow airport looking more like Christmas than spring-

Photo 09-03-13 08.43.31- Absolutely delish snack – mangos with lime -

Photo 09-03-13 08.55.14- Found my long lost love – Nike Infrared Air Max 90ies in the original vintage colors. Sold out everywhere – except for Selfridges, apparently -

Photo 09-03-13 08.56.29- Gushing over my babies after returning home -

Photo 12-03-13 08.30.59- Back to work. Which is inevitably more fun with zebra feet -

Photo 13-03-13 12.31.00- Feening for summer in NYC, with juice stands on every corner, sun and blue skies every day -

Photo 14-03-13 12.43.15- Getting through what I beg to be the last days of winter with this new sizzling spring remix by Ashibah. You all know I’m a die-hard fan, and this new mix certainly does not disappoint. Check it out! -